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Until a month ago, I knew nothing about commercial real estate. In fact, when someone mentioned real estate, I only thought about home sells. Like most people, I drive past retail centers, industrial parks, office complexes, and apartments complexes every day. I never wondered how commercial buildings are financed.

At first, I questioned the real benefit of the school. Like I said, residential real estate is the industry I was familiar with. If commercial real estate was so important, why hadn’t I heard of it; and why isn’t it being taught in college. When I attended school, I knew I wanted to be in management someday, so I majored in Business with a concentration in Management. I had never heard of Finance with a concentration in Commercial Real Estate major.

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Welcome to opportunity!

That said, I was taught to make informed decisions. So, I did some research to learn more; and I am happy I did! My research showed the vast potential of the commercial real estate industry. I learned that volatile markets do not have the same negative impact on commercial real estate as they can on residential real estate.

Residential mortgages are generally made on a long-term basis, but most commercial mortgages are short-term, which means they must be refinance every 3, 5, or 10-years. So, no matter what’s happening in the economy, there are always commercial properties that require financing.

What I’ll Learn

  • Intro to CRE – Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Finance

  • Capital Markets – How capital markets offer loan programs and financial assets
  • CRE Clients – Identifying commercial real estate mortgage clients
  • Underwriting – Why it is one of the most important functions in the financial world
  • Deal Submission – Submitting a loan request and packaging it to close

The 20-lesson course features practical animated presentations designed by industry professionals, real-world case studies, immersive interactive learning scenarios, and downloadable reference material. Additionally, the course creates a career path for anyone looking to pursue a career in commercial real estate finance.

“There is an extremely high demand for well-educated commercial real estate mortgage brokers. I’m glad this course is here to help me advance my career.”

~ Student

Get certified in commercial real estate finance today.

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