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ARLINGTON, Texas, Aug. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Introducing the Pioneer Realty Capital School of Commercial Mortgage Banking. This first of its kind school is designed to introduce its students to the world of commercial real estate finance. It provides a learning path for those seeking a career in commercial real estate. Students learn how to originate a commercial real estate loan request, underwriting, valuation techniques, and how to identify and submit loan requests to the capital markets.

PRC Launches the School Of Commercial Mortgage Banking

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This course is designed to introduce you to the world of commercial real estate finance. Knowledge of this industry can lead to a very lucrative career as a commercial mortgage banker. Or, if you currently work in real estate as a sales agent or residential mortgage broker, knowledge of this industry, and more importantly the understanding of commercial real estate finance, can greatly advance your career.

This online school is entirely self-paced, and students can enjoy the convenience of online learning by accessing the training portal from anywhere with internet access. The system supports many web enabled devices. Successful students will earn a designation as a CRE Mortgage Broker, and have an opportunity to join the PRC Broker Network.

  • Learn the industry – commercial real estate finance explained

  • Learn the property types – six primary categories of cre properties

  • Learn the process – from loan request to closing

  • Get certified – in commercial real estate finance

  • Make money – with a great education, you can succeed.

About the PRC School of Commercial Real Estate Finance

The Pioneer Realty Capital School of Commercial Real Estate Finance introduces students to the other side of the real estate industry. Students are presented with a brief overview of the capital markets as it relates to commercial real estate finance, basic CRE underwriting techniques, the various property types and loan programs available for closing commercial real estate transactions. The course concludes with two capstone lessons that require students to prepare a loan request package for submittal to the capital markets. Students who complete the program earn a designation as a certified CRE Broker, and have an opportunity to join the PRC Broker Network.

As a member of the PRC Broker Network, brokers will be able to process loan requests through the Pioneer Realty Capital Broker Network portal. PRC brokers can to download researched, qualified leads, and submit loan requests through the PRC Broker portal providing access to a network of more than 790 capital partners. Additionally, members receive underwriting, loan administration, and back-office support to make sure deals close and fund on-time.

“We are very excited about the launch of our school. As industry professionals age out and transition into retirement, there is an opportunity for well-trained commercial real estate finance professionals to replace them.”

Charles Williams, MBA, EA., and Managing Member – PRC CREF School, LLC

Get certified in commercial real estate finance today.

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