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The Commercial Mortgage Banking Certification Course Lesson 2

Your 2nd Step in Becoming a Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Broker

Lesson 2 of 20, The Capital Markets in the Pioneer Realty Capital Commercial Mortgage Banking Certification Course identifies and explains the capital markets in commercial real estate finance.

Lesson Description:

Lesson 2 introduces students to the capital markets. It provides a general description of the capital markets, defines the participants in the capital markets, and explains how lenders access the capital markets to obtain funds for financing commercial real estate transactions. It also continues the discussion regarding various lenders and describes lenders’ motivation for investing in commercial real estate debt and equity.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the role of the capital markets in commercial real estate finance
  2. Learn the various capital partner types
  3. Learn the lending objectives of capital partners
  4. Learn which capital partners depend heavily on commercial mortgage intermediaries
LESSON 2/20 10%


CHARLES WILLIAMSCourse Instructor & Managing Member
MBA, EA, Managing Member and Founder of Pioneer Realty Capital & CRE Finance Industry Expert with over 20 years in CRE. Bio
ALEJANDRO RUBIOCourse Instructor & Tutor
Analyst I, Future EA, Analyst for Pioneer Realty Capital & CRE Finance Industry Professional. Bio
e-Learning Manager for the PRC School of Commercial Real Estate Finance, with 10+ years of experience in e-learning excellence. Bio

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