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The Commercial Mortgage Banking Certification Course Lesson 20

The last step in becoming an active commercial real estate mortgage broker.

Lesson 17 out of 20, Loan/Equity Pricing of the Pioneer Realty Capital Commercial Mortgage Banking Certification Course, unlocks commercial real estate debt and equity pricing.

Lesson Description:

Students will learn the various indexes used to price commercial mortgage loans, how to define interest rate spreads, and how spreads are used to establish the price of debt. Additionally, students will learn the basic pricing structures used for preferred and joint venture equity loans.

LESSON 20/20 85%


CHARLES WILLIAMSCourse Instructor & Managing Member
MBA, EA, Managing Member and Founder of Pioneer Realty Capital & CRE Finance Industry Expert. Bio
ANDRE BAILEYCourse Instructor & Managing Director
With 15 years in the commercial real estate lending business, Andre has funded over $1 billion in commercial real estate loans. Bio
e-Learning Manager for the PRC School of Commercial Real Estate Finance. 10+ years of e-learning excellence. Bio

The road to becoming a successful CRE Mortgage Broker is easier than you think!

Advance your career! Become an active commercial real estate mortgage broker in less than 90 days.

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