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Upon graduating from the “PRC School of Commercial Mortgage Banking,” students will be invited to apply to join the PRC Broker network. As a member of the PRC Broker Network, brokers will be able to process their loan request through Pioneer Realty Capital. This gives independent brokers in our network immediate access to more than 790 capital partners, underwriting support, loan administration support, and back office support to make sure their deals get closed and funded.

The Commercial Mortgage Banking Course can open opportunities you have only imagined.


The PRC origination portal allows brokers to track the process of submitted deals, and to generate customizable pipeline reports.

PRC Brokers receive researched, qualified leads that provide detailed intelligence on the property and the proper owners.

PRC Brokers also gain the ability to submit financing requests through our portal automatically distributing requests to the most qualified capital partners.

PRC Brokers gain access to PRC Analysts who review your loan requests in preparation for submittal.
Each deal submitted through the PRC Broker portal will be assigned an analyst who processes the loan request, and a closer who works with title and third-party vendors to facilitate the loan closing.

PRC Brokers will be provided a basic marketing/media kit that can be used to promote their business.

Access to industry professionals to advise brokers on potential loan structures and loan pricing strategies.

School Of Commercial Real Estate Finance Logo

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The PRC Broker Network

Pioneer Realty Capital, LLC offers thousands of loan programs for transacting commercial real estate mortgages. Students may be invited to join our PRC Broker Network. PRC Brokers are able to leverage our network of more than 790 capital partners offering more than 3,000 loan programs.

“There are not many training programs that can lead you to a six-figure career. We give our students the tools needed to be successful.”


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