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Pioneer Realty Capital introduces the PRC School of Commercial Real Estate Finance for professionals like you who want to expand their knowledge and improve their understanding of the concepts related to commercial mortgage finance. This program is designed to introduce real estate professionals, residential mortgage brokers, CPA’s, attorneys, or anyone interested in originating commercial real estate loans.

Students will gain the necessary knowledge and skills required to successfully engage potential borrowers, underwrite specific assets, identify the best loan programs and lenders for your clients, and prepare detailed investment-grade funding request packages.


Our school takes you step by step through the underwriting process that will help you obtain the skills to confidently broker commercial mortgage deals.

Gaining the knowledge offered at our school can take many years of experience in the industry. We’ve designed a course so that in 90 days you will gain a basic understanding of how loan packages are developed for submission to the capital markets.
Other seminar training programs that offer this kind of training are targeted for people who are already well versed in the industry and require expensive memberships.

Our Commercial Mortgage Banking Course contains 20 self-paced lessons. Each lesson can normally be completed in about 1-2 hours and require very little industry experience to complete.

Our school provides an opportunity to create wealth. Successful students can easily earn a REAL six figure income working from home.
School Of Commercial Real Estate Finance Logo

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For over 15 years Pioneer Realty Capital, LLC has grown nationally as a direct correspondent lender for publicly traded debt funds offering flexible financing terms at competitive interest rates. PRC has also developed a national network of more than 790 capital partners offering thousands of loan programs.

Pioneer Realty Capital recognized a need for qualified commercial mortgage originators, analysts, and advisors. Based on the high demand, PRC prepared this school as a way of introducing talent to the industry. Upon completing this program, students will have a basic understanding of what it takes to organize, prepare and submit funding request packages to the capital markets. Successful students may be invited to join the PRC Broker Network.

“With billions of dollars of commercial transactions occurring every day, there are relatively few trained and experienced professionals qualified to help borrowers prepare financing request packages.”





School Of Commercial Real Estate Finance Logo

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The road to becoming a successful CRE Mortgage Broker is easier than you think!

Become an active commercial real estate mortgage broker in less than 90 days.

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